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A FREE Vehicle Inspection Now Available! But wait…this isn’t your average inspection, this is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive vehicle diagnosis! Watch the video to learn what all is covered, and why it’s making headlines in the Montana automotive community!


2014 Cadillac Winter Drive in Gstaad, Switzerland | Rimrock GMC Cadillac

Cadillac hosted the 3rd Cadillac Winter Safe Driving Training in February 2014, an exclusive five-day winter driving training at the Alpin Center in Gstaad, Switzerland, for media, Cadillac dealers, customers, club members and brand enthusiasts. Cadillac brand ambassador DJ Antoine was among the participants.

Learn more about Cadillac:

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BILLINGS, MT – Mayor Tom Hanel and the Billings Chamber of Commerce Blue Blazers will be at the all new Rimrock GMC Cadillac car dealership at 840 S Shiloh Road (Shiloh & King across from Shiloh Crossing) Thursday March 13th at 4:30 pm to “cut the ribbon” and announce the official Grand Opening of the newest addition to Billings’ hot Westend.

Owners John & Ann Soares and Steve & Susan Zabawa will also be introducing a host of dignitaries at the event:

-Yellowstone County Commissioners John Ostlund, Jim Reno and Bill Kennedy
-Jessica Flint, Eastern Regional Director for Steve Daines, US House of Representatives
-Shana Eastern, Regional Manager, General Motors
-Jaime Torrez, General Motors District Sales Manager
-Steve Arvachong, Big Sky Economic Development
-Wayne Nelson, President, Stockman Bank
-Scott Sanders, Vice-President, Stockman Bank
-Brandon Berger, SBA 504 Loan Manager Big Sky EDA
-Bruce McIntyre, Chamber of Commerce
-Rimrock GMC Cadillac General Manager Tony Woolery and wife Melanie,
-Ernie and Kelly Lee, Rimrock Subaru/Kia Partners
-Mike Morgan, General Manager, VW Billings
-Rimrock Auto Group Controller Connie Jones and husband Dennis,
-Rimrock Auto Group Service & Parts Director Don Volk and wife Karen.

Tours of the new facility will take place immediately after the ribbon cutting showcasing the latest in General Motors branded showroom architecture, indoor delivery area, dealership support offices, customer lounge, heated service drive, full stocked parts and accessories department and the state of the art Service Center.

“What we have in the new service department is pretty much tech talk, “stated Service Director Don Volk, “but bottom line – it means diagnosing, repairing and maintaining our customers vehicles in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.”

“Montana IS truck country and General Motors has been pleased with our representation of the GMC and Cadillac lines,” added Mr. Zabawa, “They are not only supporting us financially in this expansion but have also pledged additional inventory in recognition of Billings as a major regional automotive shopping hub.”

With the continued expansion of Billings’ west side, the new Rimrock GMC Cadillac dealership will be in the heart of that growth directly across from Shiloh Crossing and the new Scheel’s destination store – as well as being located on the west end entry point to King Avenue’s regionally renown “Auto Row”.

“And we will be “GREEN”, continued Zabawa. “Our outside lighting alone is the talk of the industry right now. More light. Less environmental impact.”

GMC was the first franchise the Rimrock Auto Group acquired 20 years ago. They had been in the same building for 2 decades at 2540 Phyllis separated from their service department half a block away. “We told our architects that the sales and service environments for modern dealerships now need to be integrated. Customers like to be more involved in the service process as well as being in touch with evolving automotive technology. “added Mr. Soares, “Our new facility now showcases the future of automobile retailing. GMC’s professional grade brand identity and Cadillac’s luxury identity are instantly recognizable in the design. We also will be recognizing the local architects and local builders and suppliers who had a hand in this amazing new dealership.”

The Grand Opening will continue the month of March featuring BBQs, Grand Prize Giveaways and an integrated tie-in benefiting ZooMontana.


Rimrock GMC Cadillac are a part of the eight brand network of dealerships represented by the Rimrock Auto Group in Billings, Montana. Subaru, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu Medium Duty Trucks, Volkswagen, Sprinter Commercial Vans as well as CarNu Detailing and Rimrock Express Lube all operate under the Rimrock corporate umbrella. For additional information, contact Steve Zabawa at 406-294-7000 or email to:

Selection and Value at the all-New Rimrock GMC Cadillac

Come check out our extensive new and used inventory at our brand new facility at Shiloh & King! We have a giant service department and a great line-up of fresh new GMC and Cadillac vehicles! Trucks, Trucks and More Trucks! And, don’t forget our fresh selection of newly allocated Cadillacs! Only one place, Shiloh & King. 406-651-5000 or

GMC Sierra 1500

GMC just keeps getting better and better.

Look at whats coming back for 2015.

In 2015 GMC will be reintroducing the Canyon, with many of the new features the full-size pickups have. A couple of the new features new to this  mid-size truck  include: 4G LTE cellular connectivity making the 2015 GMC Canyon a Wi-Fi hotspot, and the Teen Driver feature where parents can set parameters and actually monitor where their kids go.  April to March of 2014 is when we estimate to get the 2015 Canyon in stock at Rimrock GMC-Cadillac.



2015 GMC Canyon_Rimrock GMC-Cadillac

The all new 2015 GMC Yukon Denali

Take a look at what GMC has come out with for 2015.

2014 GMC Sierra 1500|Rimrock GM

The all new 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 has alot of new features including Hill Decend. Take a look at this video to see a road test from Off Road Xtreme.

To see what your local dealer has in stock go to:

Winter Service Reminder | Rimrock GMC Cadillac

Do you know if your car is ready for Winter Weather? Its probably a good idea to bring it in to our Service Center for a Fall Tuneup! Call 406-651-5000 to schedule an appointment.

Service Special Deals Here

Here are some areas of focus:

Tires: Few things matter to vehicle drivability more than the good condition of tires, especially in the harsh Montana Winters. Both pressure and condition are vital. Low pressure can cause a blowout and will ruin your gas mileage. High pressure can cause very uneven tire wear, and short tire life. Check the sticker on your drivers’ side door jam and verify the pressure is correct. Make sure you are getting your tires rotated. Not rotating tires every 6,000-7,500 miles or so may void warranties. Have questions about tires? Want to buy winter-ready tires? Just give us a call!

Engine Cooling System: AC keeps you from overheating, and Engine Coolant keeps your car’s engine from over-heating. Is your coolant low? It might be leaking. Is it a strange color? Dark? It probably is in need of a flush.  Dirty or low coolant can affect engine performance and engine life.

Fluids: Fluid leaks are the enemy of your car! When the fluid levels drop, your vehicle will stop. The top fluids to check are the coolant, oil and transmission fluid level. If the radiator gaskets and seals aren’t sealing properly, this is an easy way for a leak to start. If anything is low, or if seals are cracked or deformed, it’s time for a service appointment.

Hoses and Belts: Hoses and Belts are often plastic or rubber, and these materials naturally deteriorate with age. Temperature extremes (which we have a lot of in Montana) also factor in to accelerated aging. Belts and Hoses are vital to the reliable operation of your car’s systems. They tie all of the electrical (headlights and brake lights, wipers, turn signals, etc.), and heating and cooling systems into your engine. If belts are loose or excessively cracked or worn, or if hoses are soft or fractured, it may be time for a replacement.

Battery: Batteries don’t like the cold. And Montana has plenty of cold winter weather, which strains the electrical system and can shorten the life of even the best batteries. If there’s corrosion or leakage, or if the battery is more than two years old, it’s probably time for a new one. A dead battery will leave you stranded!

Oil System: Oil is the blood of your engine. Changing oil too infrequently can let particulate, gunk and tiny metal shavings build up and damage internal components. If you’re using regular oil, every 3,000 or so miles might be a good time to get it changed. Synthetic oils are generally a little bit more expensive, but last longer. Consult your car’s owner manual for the recommended oil change schedule, and don’t forget. It’s also a good idea to change the filter each time you change the oil. Lastly, this is also a good time to change the cabin or engine air filter to get maximum performance from your engine. Can’t remember the last time your oil was changed? It’s probably past due! Bring it in to our Service Center where our Certified Technicians can help.

Air-Conditioning/Heating System: If you like staying warm when the winter cold rolls in, pay attention to the A/C/Heating system! Inspect the compressor belt for cracking and wear. If when you turn the system on, it doesn’t blow some warm air at you, it’s probably time to have the system serviced!

Have questions about any of this? Give us a call at 406-651-5000 or check our Service Website at . Don’t forget to check our specials, here:



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